Our professionals are a reference in their areas of activity, in which they accumulate significant contributions

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Dr. Carlos Eduardo Souto de Oliveira



Post-Doc in Hydrogeology, PhD in geochemistry and atmospheric science and master in analytical chemistry both at University of São Paulo. PhD sandwich at University of Surrey (UK). Expertise in monitoring and investigation of pollutant sources on the environment using isotopic fingerprints and other advanced tools. Professor of chemistry and engineering undergraduate courses. Worked on public and private entities related to environmental and analytical areas


Dr. Ana Paula Francisco


PhD in science at University of São Paulo with a thesis on the atmospheric pollution assessment. During PhD, stayed at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). Expertise in monitoring and sampling atmospheric pollutants (Ozone, VOCs, Dioxins, Furans and PCBs). Professor of chemistry and environmental engineering undergraduate courses. Worked in the elaboration of national inventory of mercury emission as consultant.

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Dr. Sergio Ibarra Espinosa


Post-Doc and PhD in atmospheric sciences at University of São Paulo. Master

in management and environmental planning at the University of Chile. Developed VEIN model for vehicular emission inventory. Experience in GHG inventories and atmospheric pollutants emission modeling. Worked on elaboration of emission inventories at Chile and another country.

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Dr. Angel Liduvino Vara Vela


PhD and master on atmospheric modeling at University of São Paulo. PhD sandwich at North Carolina University (USA) and University of Surrey. Expertise in WRF model on pollutant forecast in urban areas and pollutant emission dispersion modeling of urban and industrial areas.


Dr. Dominik Weiss


Associate professor from Imperial College of London and associated scientist from Natural History Museum of London, since 2000. He was vice-director of MAGIC (MAss Spectrometry and Isotope Geochemistry at Imperial College London) laboratory. Expertise on analytical development to isotopic analysis and application of isotopes in environmental studies, with more than 90 papers published in high impact journals. Worked in many environmental projects with researchers and institutions worldwide.


Dr. Daniel Ferreira Araújo


Post-Doc at Institut Français de Recherche Pour l'exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER) and University of Brasília. PhD in isotopic geochemistry at University Paul Sabatier and University of Brasília. Expertise in analytical chemistry and isotopes application to pollutant sources investigation in the ocean and coastal environments.